Corona Virus Lockdown Update 

In light of the UK Government’s announcement over the weekend that coronavirus restrictions are to be increased we would like to clarify what this means for Mark Forrest & Co Ltd and our customers. Following guidelines contained within the Prime Minister’s address Mark Forrest & Co Ltd are permitted to maintain operations through the lockdown period under the exemption;

“Workplaces should stay open where people can’t work from home – for example in the construction or manufacturing sectors”.

This means until instructed otherwise by the UK Government, building installations will continue as planned and day to day operations will continue as normal. Our office will remain open.As things stand, if you have an installation date with us the installation will go ahead as planned. Customers are not required to be home when the installation takes place as long as our installation team can gain access and electricity.


Bespoke Garages

We can build a garage to suit your needs and specification. Timber, Concrete, Brick. If you want a simple garage to protect your car, storage, workshop, or studio. We have the answer.

Garage Windows

Fill your garage or workshop with light and air, with secure high-quality UPVC windows. Available in golden oak, rosewood, timber, or white PVC. Open and fixed options available.

2’ wide
4’ wide 

Access Doors

We supply a variety of different doors to suit every outside building. From attractive timber to secure metal, we have all your options covered.

Various dimensions available 

Double Timber Doors

Double-fronted garages take up a lot of visual space, so it makes sense to make the most of them. Our double timber doors blend your garage into the surrounding garden naturally.

7’ wide
8’ wide 

Coloured Roof Sheets

Coloured roof sheets will keep your Apex garage building weather tight for years to come. Available in charcoal, blue, olive green, black, brown or terracotta. 

Metro Granular Steel Tile

A heavy duty steel tile, this roofing solution offers the strongest possible protection against both weather and unwanted visitors. Available in charcoal, brindle, green, terracotta and bronze. 

Translucent Roof Sheet

Let light into your garden building with transparent roof sheets. Perfect for apex buildings where small windows may not offer enough light. One sheet is used per side. 

Plasticol Coated Box Profile

A practical roofing solution for many garden buildings. Available in black, light grey, dark grey, olive green, terracotta and dark brown.

Garage Guttering

Funnel water away from you garden building avoiding rain damage and unnecessary garden flooding. Available in black, white and brown. Price includes a downspout.

12 Pack Lining Clips

If you're planning to line your garage for extra warmth, sound proofing, or just to make it more pleasant; these lining clips are essential.


Providing more height clearance than traditional garage doors, this rollershutter will fit any Pent garage, or an Apex garage if the highest option is chosen. Available colours are black, cream, dark blue, dark brown, dark grey, golden oak, light grey, mushroom, olive green, rosewood and white.

Width 7’0” to 16’
Height 6’6” 

Brick Posts

Increase the good-looks of your garage and blend in with brick homes by adding brick posts to the facade. 

Electric Remote Control System

The ultimate in convenience, this remote control system eneables you to open and close your garage from the comfort of your car's driving seat. Additional handsets are available to purchase.   

UPVC Garage Facias

UPVC garage facias will keep your new outdoor building looking brand new all year round. Available in white, rosewood or golden oak and for Apex or Pent buildings.